Alaska Roadtrip 2018

From July 17th to the 30th my dad and I went to Alaska which actually was my dad’s dream after he retired on March 2018.
There we got the chance to go on a roadtrip to several places (Anchorage, Seward, Whittier, Valdez, McCarthy, Slana McKenley National Park and Talkeetna amongst many others) and enjoy not only the views during all those ‘dead hours’ in the van but also the stunning and majestic landscapes that are in Alaska.


adrian e. monik - sura 2017

To have a chance to be the winner of the Salomon Ultra Running Academy 2017, each participant had to send a small video presentation about themselves. Adrian E. Monik asked me to capture him and every single detail that surrounds him when running and stretching.

big dream | sverige 2014

On Summer-Autumn 2014 I got to travel and live abroad for 5 whole months in Sweden. There I tried to go lost myself and thanks to that I found more about myself and who I really am.
This video is the sum up of that big adventure which will always be in my heart.

matt simons - catch & release (deepend remix) · not official

Videoclip I did as the Final Project of the Media Projects Course I did on 2015-2016 in GrisArt International Photography School in Barcelona. 

breath | going back to the roots

We humans are loosing our essence and forgetting the place where we all come from.
Now it's time to go back and reconnect with Mother Nature leaving aside all materialism and prejudices that live in the current society and to be capable to embrace life as it is.
'The freedom and simple beauty is just too good to pass up..'
C. J. McCandless