Alaska, USA

On July 2018 I decided to spent almost all my savings in order to go on a lifetime adventure with my dad who just retired few months back. His all time destination dream was to go to wild Alaska and wander upon its forests, glaciers and trails as well as to see its amazing wildlife. Amongst many others, we got to see some Moose, Caribou, Sea Lions, Eagles, Salmons, Grizzlie Bears and Humpback Wales.


California, USA

From time to time you need to pack things up, forget everything else and just go loose yourself on an adventure. On September 2017, for a week, a friend and I decided to do that and went to California in order to disconnect from our realities and just enjoy life.



On March 2017 I got the best chance of my life; to jump out of my comfort zone by going to Thailand on a two weeks trip. It was a photographic trip where I got to explore some local zones both in Bangkok and Chiang Mai and capture the raw essence of it; without filters.



On April 2015 I decided to apply for an Adventure & Story  Wedding Photography workshop by Levi Tijerina and Geneoh . The one I went to was in Scotland. Even though it was a bout shooting with a real couple and learning some tips and tricks on how to direct them, I stared the most on the surroundings.



The first week of July 2016 I needed a tiny break before starting on my new summer job and decided to go to Menorca with a friend of mine for a week. We explored the tiny island from one side to the other spending some quality time. The sun was pretty harsh but the locations we went to were so beautiful.